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If distance or attendance are issues we can do a remote video session via skype.
While this is more limited than a face to face session it has obvious advantages, including being in another country.
Skype: For more visits and downloads visit www.skype.com

To book a Skype Consultation

Please follow these steps to book a skype consultation.

Sign up to skype and test that both sound and video work on your system.
Prepay BEFORE booking the appointment. You can email me (ajaz50uk@yahoo.co.uk) for my bank details then do a direct transfer.
Call reception (07988877568) to book a skype slot, giving them your skype name so I can then call you at the appointment time.

When the time comes make sure that you are online, will not be disturbed during the session, are sitting comfortably and have a glass of water to hand. You press the green skype button to answer my skype call to you. Sometimes you may need to press the 'Start my video' button to make the video commence.

Skype session options

Two options are available for skype session.

1 Hour
30 min


Please fill the form to make an appointment.


Please fill the form
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