37 Bradshaw Street, Nelson Lancashire, BB9 9BW


Our Homeopathic Clinic UK is dedicated to providing the most up to date general treatment as well as specific health related solutions. Our clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of indigestion, skin related problems, asthma and varicose veins.

We are running a very successful Homeopathic Clinic in Nelson, based in Lancashire.
We also offer our services throughout Blackburn, Bradford, Leeds, Rochdale as well as throughout UK.


A complete system that treats mental, emotional and physical illnesses. Medicines are chosen to treat the whole person because we believe the mind and body operate as one and you cannot treat one part of the body without affecting the whole.

  • Our Homeopathic Clinic UK is dedicated to providing the most up to date general treatment.
  • Treatment of indigestion, skin related problems.
  • We use alternative medicine to treat the patient.
  • We take a full case history of the patient during a consultation.

Presentor on Radio Awaz 103.1 FM

I am a regular presenter on Homeopathy on Radio Awaz 103.1 FM. Tune into the radio every Friday from 6:00pm until 7:00pm.

We have presented programmes on diabetes, indigestion, weight loss, skin problems, impotence, memory loss, arthritis, psoriasis, mouth ulcers, children's problems and women's problems etc.


Suitable treatment advice is only given after consultations have taken place with a fully qualified experienced homeopathic consultant. From our confidential and experienced consultations we make time to discuss your concerns and explain suitable treatment options that is available to you and thereafter, taking the option which best suits your needs. We have treated A-Z diseases over the past few decades.

We always try to make our client more loyal to us. In order to get our clients back to our Homeopathic Clinic UK, we offer very comprehensive checkup price to them.


I was suffering from severe depression for most of my life, I had tried many remedies from the GP, I came to know about AHC Homeopathic Clinic UK. Within, 3 weeks my condition improved. I like to thank the practitioner for his skills.
I was suffering from piles for many years and was very dissatisfied with the GPs, I then approached AHC Homeopathic Clinic UK, within 2 weeks my condition improved. Thanks for the service.
My son was suffering from tonsillitis for several months, the GPs had told me to undertake a surgery for my son. I then approached AHC Clinic in Nelson, within 2 weeks the condition of my son improved. I am very thankful for your help.
Saeed Tahir
I was suffering from Eczema for most of my life, I came to know about AHC Clinic. I contacted the practitioner; after a lengthy consultation, I was prescribed with tablets. After taking the tablets for a month my skin appearance began to improve. I was impressed by the service. I am extremely grateful.


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Our Homeopathic Clinic UK is dedicated to providing the most up to date treatment.
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